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Lythbound: Realm Explorations and Upcoming Art Guidelines Updates


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Realm Explorations


So you've become more accustomed to the bustling areas of Lyth's realms, and are ready to explore further? Well, the Adventurer's Guild will be happy to hear that...

Realm Explorations are now available in Arborea! Once per day, you can venture into the wilds of Arborea and possibly return with crafting ingredients, creatures, or other items! However, to embark on an exploration, you must first be at least rank 2 familiarity with the realm.

What will you find in the depths of the forest...?

The Realm Explorations feature can be found via the Activities navigation in the Activities Hub or by visiting the realm map itself.

If you have not yet unlocked a key to Arborea, each of your Lythians may obtain a free starter realm from their profile, and then unlock more via the keys available in Truffle's Treasure Trove or by tagging along in collaborative works with others who have already unlocked a realm's key!

Upcoming Art Guidelines Updates

We are currently working on a series of clarification and balancing art submission updates. The planned date for updated guidelines to go into effect is September 1st, 2021.

While we transition to the updated guidelines, some art approvals may be delayed if they are affected by new values — we will attempt to approve submissions currently waiting and those sent in between now and September 1 using the version of the guidelines that will give the submissions the highest "value."

On the list of possible value changes (may still be subject to change before final release):

- Writing and Music categories will likely remain unchanged.

- The removal of "Companion" as a prop. It will be possible to "grade" Companions as a full-fledged character in a piece.

- The addition of a Simple Character category which overrides other size (headshot, half body, full body) options. Simple characters will include some baby Lythians and most Companions. This means that some baby Lythians (Flytes, Nitpickies, etc.) will be worth less after this update. However, this also means that all Companions will be worth more than they currently are, even when categorized as a "Simple Character."
-- Some complex Companions (Fuwa Bozu, Roobites) will be able to receive "full body" grades.

- We will be clearly defining the difference between a "Simple Character" and a "Standard Character" based on the number of distinct features or "segments" their body has. This way we can better reward the effort that some complex Companions require to draw.

- Clarification and positive value adjustments for various 2D unlined and painterly styles.

In Summary:
- Most submission grading will be unchanged, but clarified and organized in a more readable fashion.
- Companions will be worth more when drawn or modeled. (Wait to submit 2D and 3D companion art until after September 1st.)
- Some Lythian babies will be worth slightly less when drawn or modeled. (Do submit 2D and 3D baby Lythian art before September 1st if you have any waiting to be submitted.)

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