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Lythbound: Referral System


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Referral System

We have added a way to refer your friends to join Lythbound!

When an individual signs up using your username as their referral, you will receive a new referral point currency, which can be spent in an upcoming shop for a variety of rewards! (This release is being staggered, so that the referral URLs become available immediately and the shop will be available later.)

Additionally, you will receive gems whenever one of your referrals purchases gems. (This perk is active immediately.)

Review all of the Refer-a-Friend information on this page. This is also available via Personal->Referrals in the navigation.

Other Updates

We have added artist credits to all item types when viewed in the Item Catalog (previously, these credits were only on Pet items). Adding the credits is a manual process and will be completed over time, which will result in some items saying "No artist data" temporarily!

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