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Wonder Woman


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Anyone else interesting in seeing what they do with the new Wonder Woman movie that is due out soon?

I am curious to see if they are able to actually get some decent traction with the DC characters. It'd be nice to actually get an enjoyable Justice League movie that could even somewhat compete with say the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy.

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I didn't enjoy it. However, I wouldn't stop others from seeing it. I'm sure it's a good film but I had a hard time seeing past many vfx and acting flaws, which ruined if for me. I really really wanted to love this film.

However I haven't seen suicide squad, or batman versus superman. (Which I hear are complete duds) So I may have gone in with very high expectations given the hype surrounded by it. It may have been a great DC film, but I don't know if I would have considered a great film overall. 

That being said, Wonder Woman has been portrayed in different ways in comics, but I also wasn't fully impressed with how her backstory was portrayed. She is a powerful character, that leaves a very empowering impression when used right. 

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I was able to get out and see it. It was great for a DC comics film, but it still felt a little lackluster. I liked how her character was portrayed, but I felt the movie didn't do her character justice. Also the whole thing with Ares, not being a comic geek was just confusing. It worked in the plot, but still really wasn't fitting for Wonder Woman's idea.

I wanted the invisible jet also btw. :P (I know, wrong era)

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