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Lythbound: Tagging System & Haunted Faire Sales Preview!


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Lythian and Companion Tagging

You can now add tags to your Lythians and Companions. Tags can be searched for via the masterlist pages, if you are looking for a specific type of Lythian for example, any that have been tagged blue.

Tags can be edited by editing the profile of any Lythian or Companion you own.

You can also block tags in your account settings, which will cause a Companion or Lythian's image (that has been tagged by one of your blocked tags) to be blurred out for you until you interact with it.

Haunted Faire Sales

A selection of guest designs are incoming!

Between today and Friday, special Djiminnis will be posted each day by guest artists at 17:00:00 site time!


A Haunted Faire gacha is on the way!

On October 30 at 14:00:00 site time, the above 11 playable species designs will go up for specific design preclaim (first-come-first-serve flatsale). Preclaim sales will be slightly higher in price than random rolls.
On October 31 at 14:00:00 site time, any remaining designs will be available for random roll at a lower price.

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