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Lythbound: Inventory Updates and Referral Shop


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Inventory and Vault Improvements

The inventory and vault have received some improvements!

You can now quickly move items between your vault and inventory by selecting the checkboxes underneath items in each respective location. Additionally, a "toggle all" button was added to quickly check or uncheck all items in either location.

Inventory search will now remember your last search criteria until you submit a new search! This means that if you sort your inventory by "Name - A-Z", even if you leave your inventory page, it will remember that on the next time you return.

Additionally, the temporary 50 item limit for shop quickstock has been removed in favor of pagination.

Referral Shop

461.png538.png 548.png

The Referral Shop has opened and has a variety of stock available for those hard-earned referral points!

With this update, the Sharp Orb and Treble Orb items have been updated to be the Sharp Stone and Treble Jelly respectively. They have also been moved from the Gem Shop to the Referral Shop, as the Subspecies Change Potion remains available for Gems and encompasses all subspecies.


There are only 4 days left to participate in the Haunted Faire! Be sure to complete any prompts, enter the free raffle, and collect items before the Lost Realm disappears again for another year! The Haunted Faire will end at November 7, 2021 at 23:59:59 Site Time! (The exception to this is the Haunted Faire Stall, which will remain accessible to make purchases from until the end of the year.)

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