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Lythbound: Haunted Faire, Staff, and Secret Santa Sign-Ups!


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Haunted Faire Wrap-Up Status


We are currently in the process of working through final approvals for Haunted Faire art/writing submissions! If your submission is declined for any reason, you will still have a grace period opportunity to resubmit.

The submission turn-out for this event was incredible and we've loved seeing everyone's work throughout!
Ink's prompts (Drawtober) prizes are slated to be awarded after all Drawtober submissions have been sorted, and the raffle will be rolled as soon as possible! We appreciate your patience during this wrap-up period!

Staff Opening

We would love to add another individual to our team for Masterlist and ARPG Organization! The full details of this position are available here, but to summarize:

An individual working the Masterlist and ARPG Organization role helps handle internal operation, including (but not limited to):
- approving/denying ARPG submissions
- approving/denying MYO pet/companion/Lythian submissions
- assisting with other internal manual work such as spreadsheet organization
- awarding prizes for games like "Draw the Lythian Above"

This position is considered backend/internal, but may involve user interaction when clarifying information regarding submissions. While strong communication skills are a plus, the most important aspect of this position is attention to detail and ability to meticulously sort through information!

To apply, please email us with the form found on the opportunities page.

Secret Santa Sign-Ups


Our yearly Secret Santa exchange is now available for sign-ups! Please visit the page for full information and the sign up form! Sign-ups close November 25, 2021 23:59:59 EST!

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