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Lythbound: Lythian Profile Updates


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Lythian Profile Updates

Lythian profiles have been refreshed and now feature a cleaner, updated UI design!

You may also now set preferences for written gift works separately from drawn/visual gifts via Lythian profiles. (Or mass assign a setting on your Owned Lythians page.)

This update also adds "previous" and "next" buttons to Lythian profiles (and Companion profiles!), allowing you to quickly move between an individual's Lythians and companions.


Ghost Collector updated to V.
- Backend error improvements
- Fix post-pause timer resetting
- Add full screen toggle outside of title screen
- Adjustments to ghost spawn locations
- Display Loonole reward in the game itself on send score

Lumiheim Wrap-Up

All rewards for Lumiheim prompts have been sent out at the beginning of this month. If you believe you are missing anything, please contact us!

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