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Lythbound: New Achievements, Companion Likes, Oekaki


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New Achievements


New achievements have been added for successful crafting and cumulative gifting gacha rolls.

These are semi-retroactive. If you qualify for these achievements from previous participation in these activities, you will receive the the achievement(s) you qualify for on your next successful crafting attempt/gacha roll.

Companion Likes

You can now "like" companions via their profiles, similar to liked Lythians. You may view all of your liked characters from the Liked Characters page (previously "Liked Lythians"), which now has some search functionality as well.


Art may now be created using the Lythbound Oekaki, which is built using ChickenPaint and integrated with our forum.

✦ Images can be saved to your PC or uploaded to the server.
✦ You may currently save one in-progress image to the server without posting it publicly. This image will automatically load next time you open the oekaki.
✦ When an image is uploaded to the server, it automatically creates a thread in the Oekaki Forum Category as well.
✦ There is no minimum time requirement for art pieces submitted here, but works should exhibit a level of effort which would be at minimum submittable as an ARPG work.
✦ Oekaki pieces submitted to the site should be Lythbound related in some way. (Realm landscapes, etc, are permissable.)

Additionally, like other aspects of Lythbound, all oekaki submissions must also follow our Terms of Service.

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