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Lythbound: Cupid's Letters Returns!


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Cupid's Letters


Submissions are open for two weeks for Cupid's Letters! Send anonymous letters to other players to tell them you care and appreciate them! Letters will be reviewed to ensure they are appropriate, due to being sent anonymously.

Additionally, Cupid's helpers will leave a gift in your sticker album for each letter you send. Full information is available on the letter submission page. Letters must be submitted by February 17th at 23:59:59 and won't be sent out until after that point!



Cumulative achievements have been added for feeding Pet Shelter pets!

These are semi-retroactive. If you qualify for these achievements from previous participation in an activity, you will receive the the achievement(s) you qualify for on your next successful participation.

Other Updates

- Tagging has been added to the forum, blogs, and all comments across the site. To tag an individual, simply type @Username (not case sensitive) and they will be alerted via notification.
- - You can also turn off notifications via your Account Settings, but be aware this means you will not receive any @Username notifications at all until you turn it back on.

- You may now edit ARPG submissions after they have been submitted.
- - This update should also fix an issue wherein the "Featured Lythian" fields would get wiped on an error.

- The total Loonole return will now be displayed when tossing items into The Pit.

- Pet Shelter numbers have been adjusted and cheaper foods are now twice as likely to be asked for.

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