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Lythbound: Site Updates


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Site Updates

- The Submit ARPG page now displays recently declined submissions, to help pinpoint which submissions were declined and why. Submissions will only be displayed for 7 days from when they are declined.

- Tags can now be added to ARPG submissions. Tags can be added both during the creation of new ARPG submissions and retroactively via the "Submissions" tab of any Lythian you own.
Tags you have blocked via your account settings will cause an image to be blurred out until clicked on, if it has matching tags. The Art Gallery will use tags from all depicted Lythians, while the Lythian profile gallery will only display the tags that the owner adds.

- A new setting has been added to the Lythian profile edit options: "Default Art Visibility" — This is currently hidden by default, but can now be changed to "visible" which will automatically make future submissions featuring that Lythian publicly visible when approved.

For the Inamorate Wrap-Up

For the Inamorate has officially ended! The current scheduled date for prizes to be sent out is Monday, March 28.


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