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Lythbound: Visual & Gallery Updates


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Front Page Overhaul

The front page of the website has received an overhaul in design! Everything has been reorganized to give a more game-like feel, with quick links to certain pages of interest! There's even a couple future features being teased...

If anything looks strange, please reload the page using CTRL + F5!

New Profile Icons

Profiles got some sparkly new buttons! Both these and the new front page assets were drawn by @Raishiteru!

Art Gallery Upgrade

Do you crave the feeling of an art site? Crave no longer! You now have the ability to add captions, titles, and otherwise edit some aspects of approved ARPG pieces! We hope that this will add a more familiar environment to our site. You can also check out each art piece's individual page!

Additional features include being able to add characters during editing and multiple captions (artist and character owners both get their own)! You may also notice a setting involving comment sections (currently off by default). This is not fully implemented yet, and is planned for a future update!

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