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Wajas: The Mad Scientist's Announcement


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The pebbles are Isopteron cocoons!   I could have never guessed.    Never even suspected!    I do not believe these were among those that infected our world from Solaria all those years ago.   I think these Isopterons are natives to Lunaria itself.   Somehow, perhaps during Vyra’s arrival, some of her power infused deep into the land and was absorbed by them.   It turned them into…digital isopterons?   Perhaps this breed would be an insurmountable plague if unleased in the data void that Vyra came from, but here they are not even alive.   But still infused with power!   And I can use that power to finally finish the portal I’ve been working on for so long!     At last, we will have a continuous, unbroken link to our sister world!       Now is the time!   The pebbles, the…energized isopteron coccons…now is the time to bring them to

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