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Lythbound: Staff Café & Layout Adjusting!


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Staff Café

Need a good ol' cup of coffee to wake up in the morning? Now you can! The Staff Café is a new area where you can pass a tip to one of our wonderful baristas, in exchange for various treats! Take a seat and indulge in some snacks while you're comfortable.


NPC Layout Upgrade

The NPC hub has been reworked, becoming more consistent and fine-tuned! This additionally includes an overhaul of their individual pages that replicates the same look as the index entries. This basis will serve to provide good groundwork for future features regarding NPCs.

Item Catalog Tidying & Crafting Search

The item catalog has been slightly adjusted with a sleeker look! Additionally, the crafting menu has also adopted a similar appearance, as well as now having a search menu for looking up desired recipes.

Referral Shop Eggs

Companion Realm Eggs have been added to the Referral Shop's stock! You can purchase these for 2 points under the MYO tab.


Keep an eye out...

We don't mean to cause an alarm, but there have been recent reports of certain things feeling a little off. If any of you notice anything that seems particularly off or suspicious, stay alert! Interdimensional travel has its perks, but it's important to check you didn't bring anyone... or anything... with you on your way back.

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