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Lythbound: New Axomaurs, Price Changes, Poll Reminder


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Mountains and Mounds

A new subspecies and body type of Axomaur have been discovered! High up in snowy, mountainous terrains, the Alpine Axomaur thrives. This newly discovered subspecies has adapted to grow fur in place of spines, as well as durable, rock-like skin. It is non-asterisk'd, so MYOs can be freely made using this subspecies! Due to this, redesigning an existing Axomaur into this subspecies will only require a Scissors of Redesign.
Additionally, there have been sightings of smaller Axomaurs, known as Teacup Axomaurs, who have evolved to have even smaller bodies than their standard counterparts. This body type is asterisk'd, and will require a Scissors of Redesign when making MYOs.
You can view their guidelines on the Axomaur Species page!


Some users may have Axomaurs that suit these new guidelines, but they will not be forced to change their Axomaur to the new body type/subspecies if they don't want to! Users with suitable Axomaurs will be sent an Official Ticket from staff and given the option to change their Axomaur to the new Subspecies/Body Type or not. Refusal will not have any drawbacks and your Axomaur will be considered "grandfathered" into their current subspecies!

Price Adjustments Ahead!

We have begun adjusting the prices for several items in our NPC shops, including the Enigmatic Realm Key, reputation-related Stickers, and a couple of redesign Items. We hope these prices seem more fair for our players, and we will be watching over purchases for further input!

Additionally, we want to begin testing the waters for NPC shop stock rotation, which has been officially implemented for the Completely Edible Food Stand. Going forward, this shop's stock will change every 24 hours at 12:00:00, site time, and not all of the shop's items will be available at any given time. As an adjustment alongside this change, food items in Entai's shop have had their prices reduced across the board.
In the future, this new system may apply to more shops (Truffle's Treasure Trove, the Gem Shop, the Staff Cafe, and the Referral Shop are not planned to receive this update)!

Poll Reminder

We have a poll currently going on regarding Tradability of Loonole Tickets! We would like to hear your opinion on these changes, as well as the potential implementation of a new kind of Ticket.

New Profile Setting

A new profile setting has been added, allowing you to receive a notification any time a member of staff posts a changelog. Staff create changelogs for small updates that happen between news posts. This notification is off by default.

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