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Lythbound: Loonole Slot Trading & Terminology Update


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With our latest poll wrapping up, we have implemented two big changes!

Firstly, we have removed all mentions of the term "MYO" from the site. Because we do not restrict individuals from making character designs outside the game, and slots have always only been used to add a new character to the game itself, we feel that this terminology fits better.

To fit the items' new theme, the character slot items' art have been updated to be realm doors, rather than tickets.


Additionally, any remaining "MYO Slot" index entries (Symphonies and Lilipeeps) that have "MYO" in their placeholder art are in the process of being updated to new placeholder art to better fit this change. These character slots are still usable to create new characters in-game with the same specifications as before; this is just a visual update for consistency.

If you find any stray usage of the term "MYO", please let us know!

Secondly, Loonole character slot items are now tradable! This will allow you to transfer slots gained from event prompts or Truffle's to other users. This also means that "Starter Lythian Slots" have been added, which still can not be traded. Tutorial slots in inventories that were earned prior to this update have been changed to this new Starter Slot item.


Going forward, the tutorial will reward Starter Lythian Slots, and these will be obtainable in the future via other methods geared at learning the game/site as well.

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