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Lythbound: Newcomer's Delight & QoL


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Achievements... With a Catch!

We have added a whole slew of new achievements to be earned! Both members new and old will be able to receive them. However, you might notice you'll get a little bonus for the first level... These are our new beginner goals achievements! These achievements will reward you a Starter Lythian Slot in exchange for learning about and participating a specific feature on-site.

Currently, there's only four of these achievements, but we wholly intend on adding more as time goes on! For users who have already met these goals, these achievements will automatically adjust themselves to the proper level when you next do something related to them. Please let us know via support ticket if your Starter Lythian Slots are not properly rewarded or you notice any other issues!

Additionally, you may find yourself getting another prize if you max these achievements' levels out...


Login Rewards!

Additionally, we've added a new feature to the site: Login Rewards! Every day, you'll be able to receive a reward for logging onto the site, and you may notice there's a different reward for each day of the week! Additionally, keeping a consecutive streak will earn you some extra special rewards...gem.png

With this, we've also introduced some new plushies! These ones in particular have "recolored" variants of one another. If you manage to get all three colors of one plush, you'll be able to craft them into a fancier version! There's only three of these for now, but we hope to add more different flavors in the future!


Quality of Life Updates

- ARPG Submissions are now paginated on Lythian profiles! This should help prevent lag issues caused by loading a large number of images all at once on index entries.

- Speaking of Lythians, we now have an option to show or hide uncollected collectables (such as plushies) on a Lythian. By default this setting is on (meaning they will be showing), but it can be adjusted per Lythian OR affect all Lythians through a new mass setting! Furthermore on the subject of plushies, collected plushies will now appear in front of uncollected ones.

- Lastly in regards to Lythian index entries, the report button has been moved out of the way to help prevent accidental clicking! Eventually, we will be adding a confirmation box to completely prevent misclicks.

- Outside of index entries, you can now search for Egg/Non-Egg Companions, as well as Infected/Non-Infected Characters. We have also added a new FAQ regarding redesigning companions!

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