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CelestialEquine: March CE Updates!


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March CE Updates!

Good Afternoon, CE players!

March is here and we are thrilled to announce our theme for the upcoming month; Rainbow Space! We are continuing our monthly origin world spotlight to ensure CE's fantastic themes and original breeds get all of the love they desire along with ensuring all players have access to fun, free, and new genes. For those of you who are new to CE, a CE Original Breed is a breed released by the game for player creation. The genes associated with the breeds are available to be registered in player crossbreeds, so we find it to be very important to continue building upon these foundation breeds to ensure you all have the ability to create interesting, new crosses.

With that being said, this month's spotlight breed is the Nova! This is one of our all-time favorite breeds and originally released in the first version of CE, also known as Marvel Horse. The Nova received a new set of wings, mane/tail, feathering, and a horn; WOW! Ellastasia sure was busy! A handful of colors will be available on the Nova moving forward, but additional recolors will be circulating throughout the month of March in the Magic Shop. For those of you interested in a spotlight package containing all of the March genes - we will have a package available starting March 1! This package will include all of the new Nova genes, March body colors, and the new Splash Body Marking recolor.


Next up, we have beautiful new genes and wearables available in the Cash Shop! These genes also follow the "rainbow space" theme and will be available through the month of march as packages and individual items.



Onto development! We are hard at work setting up a new interactive new player guide to help ensure our new players have a thorough understanding of the many features CE has to offer. This is our primary focus before moving onto our remaining plans for Q1 (March).

Remaining Tasks
- Continue tweaking tradeboard/gift process for holding barn spots
- Expiration time for trade lots, including offers
- Expiration time for gift offers
- Horse creation updates
- Misc admin updates

As a reminder, CE is currently in live development and bugs are to be expected. We do our best to balance the resolution of bugs while also focusing on improving upon current features and continuing to brainstorm new features for upcoming release!

We have also finalized development goals for Q2. Many of them will remain a secret until their official release, but here is a preview of a few things we intend on releasing:

- Additional interaction options in companion forest
- Modification of companion forest to allow hourly turns rather than daily
- Adjustments to the notification system
- Elder Quest modifications
- *2 secret, larger features*

Our development plans are subject to change depending on bugs, important suggestions, and player feedback. At the end of the day maintaining current features will always take priority over new areas to ensure CE remains as bug-free as possible!

Thank you for reading today's update. Be on the lookout for further announcemens!


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