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Wajas: The Mad Scientist needs your help!!


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EUREKA!!  This is exactly what I've been looking for!!       These strange stones these wise little pups brought to me...how fascinating they are!  Their shimmering surface is entirely unnatural.  And when I ran a few preliminary tests, I found something extraordinary.  They're full of power!  Great power!  What kind of power?  I have no idea!  I have yet to figure out how to crack them open.  But I am focusing all my efforts on discovering the truth, and when I do, I am certain I can make use of some old pieces of my original experiments to finally create a stable power source to rebuild the portal to Solaria!  Finally, we will have a stable link to our sister land!  And Lady Artemis might just stop glaring at me every time she sees me...hopefully... But I need more of them!  Much more!  These twenty Tadavar and his friends brought me is not nearly enough.  I need as many

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