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Wajas: Reminder: You're in charge of what News you see!


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Hello our amazing Wajas users! We've had so many awesome users join and return lately that I just wanted to toss out a reminder News Post. Awhile back we implemented a feature that allowed you to pick and choose what News you wish to see. This replaced the "important news only" option in your settings. So if you had that selected, it no longer exists and you'll be seeing all the news. To adjust what you see, go to News Settings and click what you want to opt into! You cannot opt out of: Monthly Updates - these are the new items for the month and any other important news. New Feature - this covers any new features that get released including but not limited to: site games, shops, and other misc features. Rule Update - this covers any updates or new rules added to our rules and TOS . Site - this covers anything that might be a major thing the majority of the site cares about (major contests like Festival of Frost and such would fall here),

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