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IcePets.com: Something Spooky Has Begun...


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The temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter, and the smell of crisp leaves fills the air. That can only mean one thing -- Phantasmoire season has begun! There are a lot of fun things on the way, so buckle up!

Searcher Costume Phantasmoire Snow Jar Old Green Hag Costume Set

Today, Phantasmoire's haunting activity will commence. Users with at least one Phantasmoire Coloured Pet can equip them with a Haunting Treat Bag. Then, you can visit other Users' doorsteps to get some free treats. This means you can also start stocking your own doorstep. Consider stopping by Sugar Rush, Affogato, or the Glacial Grocer to pick up some food. Once you have some goodies you can visit your profile and click the Add food to Doorstep link. Haunters like sweets, savory, and all other foods equally!

Haunting Treat Bag Full Haunting Treat Bag

Where can you get a Haunting Treat Bag, you might be wondering? You can find them randomly restocking at all Shops (except for Port Rakor and the Snow Jar Igloo) until the end of October. So keep an eye out for those if you want to get in on the fun!

Beauty King

Don't have a Phantasmoire Pet? Don't fret -- as always, the generous Beauty King is offering to morph one of every User's Pets for free. So even if you can't get your hands on a Phantasmoire Snow Jar, you can still take your Pet on a Haunting trip.

Assorted Pinata Candy Cottoncandy Gummy Dabus Pretzel Bites

Just like last year, we'll also be offering trophies for Users who stock an impressive amount of food on their doorsteps. As you stock more food, your Trophy will upgrade to a higher ranking. This Trophy will be cumulative throughout the years.

Haunted House

Feeling brave? Starting today, you can visit the Haunted House every three hours rather than the usual six. This means you'll have more chances than ever to find some cool prizes -- you may even find some unique seasonal Items...

Empty Grave Stamp Candy Corn Cupcake Blob Coin

Zombie's Breath

Finally, the Token Booth will be offering three returning Phantasmoire-themed Items -- the Empty Grave Stamp, Candy Corn Cupcake,and Blob Coin as well as the totally new Zombie's Breath! They'll stick around until October 9th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, and then switch out for another batch of festive Items.

So, are you ready for a month of spooky celebration? We hope you are, because the fun has only just begun!

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