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Lythbound: Welcome to the Haunted Faire 2022!


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"It is good to return to the realms of Lyth once again this year. I welcome Lythians one and all to the Haunted Faire, to partake in our activities, until we lose our connection to your mortal realms once more."

Haunted Faire, now with a Haunted Exploration

The Haunted Faire has once again become accessible to Lythians from the mortal realms, and a variety of activities are available again this year! The Faire runs from October 1st until October 31st at 23:59:59 site time, unless another date and time are mentioned for a specific activity.

To see everything available at the Haunted Faire, be sure to visit the event hub!

Lost Realm

This year, we are pleased to announce the Haunted Faire now has its own dedicated exploration! Raise your familiarity to at least level 2 to unlock an all-new haunted exploration and find rare items! To get started, a free Lost Key is available here


Ink has returned with a new set of art prompts! Win pets and a Lythian Slot for completing varying amounts of the prompts.



Go bobbing for apples once each day. You probably will not come back with an apple, but maybe a tasty treat or even a new friend?



Go trick-or-treating at your friends' doors and receive treats (or tricks) each day! The rewards are different for each option, so you will need to decide which you would prefer!

To trick-or-treat, simply visit another member's profile and interact with the UI at the top of the page. Trick-or-treating will only be available on the profiles of individuals who have recently logged in.

Got candy from trick-or-treating? There appears to be a new selection of thematic pets invading the Pet Shelter who would love to take it off your hands. If you're lucky, the pet you feed might decide to come home with you! Feed these pets in the shelter with your Haunted Faire foods while you can -- they will disappear on November 1st! 


The Ringleader's stall is available once again for spending your Faire Tickets for a variety of prizes, including the limited-time Moonsbane Potion and two new NPC Plushies! This portion of the event is open until the end of the year, December 31st at 23:59:59.


Starting on October 18th until October 31st, new and old Eidolons will be released throughout the site for discovery... Will you find them all?


Like last year, Djiminni are once again available to capture with Lost Realm familiarity! 


Collect materials to make their lure and build up your familiarity with the Lost Realm to capture these unique companions!


Last but not least, The Faire's visual art costume contest is back this year! Entries for this part of the event are only open until October 22, 2022 at 23:59:59 (to allow time for voting) so be sure to get your entries in!


New Monster Subspecies


The Haunted Faire's energy seems to have escaped as the doors to the realm open, and some Kella Ser and Levii are feeling a little strange...


The Monster subspecies is now available for both Kella Ser and Levii!
This is a temporary condition that overrides a Lythians normal subspecies. This means that they can be both their natural subspecies and a Monster by transforming between the two. Read more about this transformation on the Kella Ser and Levii species pages!

Use a Moonsbane Potion from the Ringleader's stall to change your Lythian into this subspecies.
(Monster Kella Ser conceived and designed by Jarre, Monster Levii conceived and designed by Cake)


There's an old black train a'comin', it's scraping on the iron, you don't need no ticket boys, it'll take you when it's time.

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