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Lythbound: Haunted Faire Guest Artist Advent, Flapping Kiklet & Other Updates


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Haunted Faire Guest Artist Advent


A selection of Haunted Faire themed Lythians have arrived! These guest artist-designed Lythians will be made available on the day shown on top of their silhouette.

October 14th through October 30th - Designs will be posted according to the number shown in the preview, at 17:00:00 site time. They will be available for varied sale methods on their own listings. (Some days may contain a bonus companion design!)

Flapping Kiklet Update


Flapping Kiklet has been updated to version This update includes:

- Full graphical overhaul.
- The addition of background music ("The Vine", licensed under CC BY 4.0) (toggleable via mute button).
- Art updates to game icon and Dangerous Vine Sticker.
- More fullscreen adjustments.
If any of these updates do not immediately display, please try clearing your browser cache (Ctrl+F5 or similar).

In addition to this update, a new setting has been added to Layout Settings, as follows:

Automatically mute music/sounds?
(If on, arcade games that have music will always start in a muted state, but music/sound may be toggled back on while in the game.)

Other Updates

- Daily Tasks page updated to include various other daily, or semi-daily activities.

- Fixed an issue with the Gotta Capture 'em All achievement wherein captures were not being counted properly.
A button to "Fix Capture Achievements" has been temporarily added to the bottom of the Companion Captures page. Either clicking this button or successfully capturing another companion should award any missing levels of this achievement.

- Added wiki guide on how to avoid some forms of cultural appropriation when making and submitting characters. Going forward, we will be strictly following these guidelines when approving character submissions as well.

- Added "Nunito" (Lythbound's "default" font) to the text editor font list. May require clearing your browser cache (Ctrl+F5 or similar) to view.

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