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Lythbound: Forms and Updates!


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Updates to Alternate Forms!

Updates have been made to alternate forms to make them all the more enjoyable to use!

- Now, you're freely able to modify the name of alternate form tabs, allowing you to freely designate alternate palettes or forms of the same species!
- Additionally, you can hide or delete alternate forms! Deleted forms will require a new Formula Plus (and any other relevant items) to re-obtain.
- Lastly, you can also sort the tabs as desired, if you have a specific way you'd like to organize them ("Base Form" will always display first).

These settings may be found via an "Edit" button that has been added at the end of the form list for any Lythians which have already unlocked alternate forms.

Going forward, alternate forms also now individually list subspecies, body types, and Crossbreed parent species! We will be slowly going through and fixing applicable Lythian forms to properly portray these changes, however we would greatly appreciate if users send in a Support Ticket if they would like their Lythians with alternate forms to be updated faster!

Other QOL Adjustments

- There are now random trick and treat buttons for Trick or Treating, found on the Haunted Faire 2022 Index page.
- Custom content warnings may now be added to Lythians and companions. Please note we will be moderating usage of this feature, as it is intended to warn other users about potentially uncomfortable content in a Lythian's description or design! Lythian profiles should remain PG-13 even when using this feature.
- Lythian and companion profiles now have an additional set of navigational arrow buttons. These buttons will take you through the next/last general index entries rather than the user's personal characters.
- A new achievement category, "Hidden", has been added and will be used for some retired and secret achievements. Several old achievements have been recategorized from "Event" to "Hidden".


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