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Atrocity: Farming Feature! 12-19-21


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YES Its finally here! After like....Years of waiting and  3+ days of work on it and thanks to the help from the wonderful Kristhasirah We got the farms working!

Meaning ya'll can grow and Harvest plants now!!! WHAT!

Okay so a quick rundown of the new feature (Full tutorial is here)


those seeds you Got from simmas seed shop are now usable from your inventory.

When you hit use you'll be taken to the page where you choose what adopt can plant the seeds for you- Pick one- they'll plant it!

then you can go to your farm and see it!


once there if you click on one of your plant images you'll get another menu (sort of like manage for pets)


From here it lets you see its stats, see codes to put it on a forum or other site...lets you destroy it if you dont want to grow it anymore.. and lets you harvest it for its produce! (also destroys it)

You can also go to the greenhouse to help people water their plants too!


Simma takes care of it- but shes on break- so you have to do all the work. hahahha...

Thats it! I hope you enjoy this update! and look foreward to what we'll be able to do with it, how we'll be able to improve it, and what cool new plants we can let you guys grow!

Back to work on everything else!!

~Till next time!

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