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Creating a 2D Platformer Game in Unity


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What is Unity?

Unity is a game engine, but provides a tooling system that makes creating games a very visual thing. With support added for scripting in C# (which is a very accessible language), it allows making of games quite easily. Unity is also free in a community version. It is cross platform, so the below tutorial is the same for Windows or Mac.

This is a tutorial from their live training on how to create a 2D playformer, it is about 45 minutes of video with full script source and how to get up and running for those who like the step by step. It gets you up and going. The nice thing about Unity is it's ability to export your game into many platforms.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.


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Yes! Unity is amazing! I tried it a while back and followed the tutorial with the ball going round in the blue space and collecting all the points.

The tutorials for Unity are the best tutorials I have ever seen, and I would certainly recommend them for anyone looking to get into 2D or 3D games.

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