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Atrocity: Stock market/summer fest update


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Added in a Stock market sort of feature!

--on Sunday the banner appears to take you to the market page- grubmarket.png (this appears on both the index and welcome back page-) You can only buy cakes on sunday if its not sunday the market is not open

--Nana Has cooked a certain amount of the cakes- once they all get sold they're gone for the week.

--Prices on these Cakes change daily- so you want to buy low and sell high with these.

--If you dont sell them by saturday at midnight atrocity time they will get deleted from your inventory.

unknown.png unknown.png

Other updates

*****We Are still working on the summer festival- its going to be late this year and I apologize! but we're doing our best! Thank you for your patience!
****When you use certain items pets now talk to you! (I do know about the issue with pet images not always appearing here- Im sorry)

****The twitter feed is now on the main page above the news so people can be a bit more updated if they so choose
****Fixed an issue with Registration

****Closet has been fixed

***Added areas of the forum to help you with coloring assets, and so you can be creative with our pets!

****Added some new Genetics to the Catari, Hounda, Feesh and Rouncey:

Watercolor 2- Grey
80's funk black
Water color 3- grey


80's funk white
Pastel Stars
Pastel Stars grey
watercolor 4
watercolor 5
 (for rouncey 4 and 5 are different because of the way the files are currently working for them.. dunno, just lettin ya know lol)

Thats all I got!
~Till next time!


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