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Atrocity: Pet sicknesses 6-29-2022


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Hello! Im here with a new feature for you all!

Your pets can NOW get sick! Its a random chance- (and a pretty low chance-) but it happens- and when it does This is how you help them!

NOTE:- pet sicknesses are specific to pets- so certain pets get certain maladys other pets wont (and more will be added later on as more pets are also added) Some share because they can also get those problems...anyway!

Sooo heres My pet Tyne- She got sick!


Oh dear- what to do?? Well theres a link there in the Chat bubble that you can take your pet directly to the doctor- (we'll talk more on that in a little bit) Or you can go there other ways.

When your pet is sick all of its stats go down by 5 each page you visit without helping them

You can also see that your pet is sick in their manage page:

SO even if you take them off fave pet- the sickness will remain until you give them medicine.

So heres how to do that-
You can see in both images the "see the doc/visit the doc" links- Click those and you'll be taken to Doctor sizzlings clinic.


here you can see where it says "see the doctor" This doesnt cost you anything. once you click it Sizzling will examine your pet and give you a diagnosis with Medicine referral.


After this you can click "go to the shop- to purchase the medication your pet needs.


Then you just go to your inventory- to the medicine tab- use the specific medicine- in this case its Petto Abysmal-

And your pet is cured!


I really hope you enjoy this new feature- me and Kristhasirah spent like 3 days getting to work. haha..

thats all for now- back to other Parts of the site that need my attention!

~Till next time!


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