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Atrocity: Huge update/bug fixes, Storage, alignment skills and things oh my! 8-4-22


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NO ONE-- No one... can say I dont work hard XD
Anyway! we have a HUGE Update for you today.... I've been doing alotta stuff!Lets get started!

New Avatar Bases!

Thanks to users Cheba the smol bee and Foxfire there are new avatar bases!

Foxfire helped me figure out how to do snakes! they gave me a base sketch to work from, however they are only available during summer as Snakes hate the cold!

Cheba made some zombie bases!


These are meant to be for her mini world shes creating- and they were avaiilable for a little while- but are no longer available to buy for now.

***Dailies arent updating as they should- I know this... i dunno whats going on there- but its being looked into!

I added new Genetics for The catari, hounda and Rouncey!


**** You can now get achievements for clicking on pets a certain amount!!

***There is now a Pet park on the site- which is a place where you can go to find pets to click/play with- it can be found in the pet care menu- or on the page after you click a pet.

***We have gotten rid of the daily click limit- CLICK AWAY

**Our forum is on Tapatalk- just search for "Atrocity petsite forums" And we should appear. If you cant connect/login- here is how you fix that problem.

***Thanks to the amazing - Kristhasirah you can now sell your stock tickets directly from your portfolio at the CORRECT price.

You can now store items in a storage chest.


YES- this link is finally open! took a while I know! Anyway heres how it works!

Go to your inventory


You'll see a new option under your items called "move/move to chest"

Sooo find what you'd like to store-
For me Im gonna store some trash..

Im gonna move 100 to my chest gotta keep that TRASH SAFE.

So after putting in the amount you click "move"


And it was moved! You do the same thing to return it back to your inventory again-


****NOTE: I know sometimes you'll get an error when moving it back- just try again.

******User foxfire made some instrument toys that are in Camerons toys



****Had To remove the sell with candy option from the user shops- it was causing loads of problems! So if you had a user shop selling pets- they are no longer for sale as I had to reset them.


Something Kristhisarah and I have been working on for days! alignments now have special skills!

There are four skills- (click on the images to go to the forum post explaining more)

http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/alignments/lightdragon1.png ---> healgift.png
http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/alignments/garkalignment1.png --->takeitem.png
http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/alignments/collectorrat1.png---> giveitem.png

I need a break for a while!

Enjoy my lovlies!! <3


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