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Atrocity: Halloween 2022


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Hey atrocitians! Im here to let you know the Halloween event has returned! The bakeneko are back from the shrine to celebrate with you <3

Its the halloween event!

What does this mean?

it means that the bakeneko are back on the site for the holiday! Man do they love Halloween! in fact they've decided to be awesomely nice and share some treasures with you!

But not always for free!
Your pet will find Some Katty Taffy sometimes as you wander the site and forum that you can use to persuade the Bakeneko to let you play! They're also being generous and giving you some free ones everyday!

**You can also now find them on the forums too as you browse there!

Head on over to the Event plaza to start playing! and winning items!

(I admit that the games are not perfect...I am an amateur coder..but I tried!)

There is also Some new items in
Caratrises, Habibis, and Delilahs stores!


As well as some spooky Pet genetics!


You can also do some trick or treating! You just need to visit a Users profile! A banner will randomly appear! and you then can click on it to get prizes!

This is what the banner looks like!

To be able to obtain these items you need to have a http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/png/88fbe91087206abef23c5d59b63e75e2.png Which is available to buy in Habibi's holiday for the Month!
Please Also try to leave a Lovely message on their profile when you find something! we all deserve some love!

also the Scared black cat has returned to fight!


Help Defeat them to win some cool prizes!


Also please Feel free to Join in the Discussion Forum about halloween!

This Event Will Last until October 31st!



Besides this I've been working on bug fixes, and a special one time event!
no release date for it yet! but Im working on it!

~Till next time my lovlies!

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