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CelestialEquine: October Updates!


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October Updates!

Happy October 1! This news post will be covering our new releases for the month of October, development updates, and a reminder to sign up for updates regarding our new Etsy shop. Keep reading to stay in the loop!

October Releases

The Celestial Shops are feeling quite spooky! Our brand-new October genes are officially stocking in the Magic Shop along with our returning October genetics. For those of you interested in grabbing the entire pack of Magic Shop October genes, we do have a Spotlight Event Package available for purchase in the Cash Shop. This package includes every single gene released last October and the new 2021 genetics.

The Klaud breed has also received its new genes (new marking, collar variations, new horns) and is ready for creation in the Shadow World!

We have also made several new Spotlight Event Packages including our 2020 and 2021 spooky genetics/wearables! You can preview all of the available genes and packages here.

Development Updates

Our update to the battle feature is live! We did experience a minor hiccup regarding the items being distributed through battle wins - this issue is now resolved and working as expected. Be sure to head on over to the battle arena to earn exciting coins and items for each NPC defeat!

Next up, we will begin development of the four alliances seen on the Exploration map. We are not sharing spoilers at this time, but keep in mind this feature is sure to be a crowd favorite. *hint* - this area will be using the World Coins!

Celestial Equine Etsy Shop

Lastly, we have added a link to our Etsy shop in the Navigation bar. Be sure to favorite the shop if you are interested in beautiful stickers, enamel pins, stationary, coloring books, and more! This shop is the ultimate fantasy paradise for CE lovers.


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