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CelestialEquine: March Updates


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March Updates

Good afternoon CE players! We are super excited to share some exciting updates with everyone.

2022 Vision

Firstly, we have updates regarding our vision for 2022! Celestial Equine has continuously morphed year after year and 2022 will certainly follow that pattern. Members of CE staff constantly brainstorm ways to provide new immersive content to allow Celestial Equine to continue to be an amazing escape for its players. The focus for 2022 is to continue to develop our storyline and release more interactive content for players to enjoy. As of now, we are well aware many players thoroughly enjoy the breeding + genetic components of CE. Our goal is to expand player interest to give users more of a guide to gameplay with individual goals for your horses, account activity, and more. We will expand on these ideas in our development update section!

Development Update

As mentioned above, we are thrilled to release more interactive content for players to enjoy. Our first release will be our highly anticipated Alliance Feature, which will allow players to bond with wild horses in an interactive environment. If bonding is successful, the wild horse is yours! In addition to providing a new way to acquire new enchanting steeds, players will also have a chance to collect loot! These fantastic wild horses may include CS genes or alliance exclusive genetics.

Here is a preview of an alliance exclusive body color and mane!


This area is expected to enter phase I testing this weekend with a goal of completion by March 19. Alliances will be thoroughly tested and tweaked by CE staff before fully releasing to our player base.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding this feature!

New Releases

As many of you have seen, our new gene releases are live! This month’s spotlight feature was the Space World and Rainbow World.

The Anrami (Rainbow World) received a new horn genetic and a brand new eye! These new genes have been added to the Anrami and are also circulating in the Magic Shop as gene items. We are absolutely in love with the new Anrami gene expansion. Here is a preview!


Next up, our Cash Shop genes included a new horn and wing set with a special Celestial feel. The Space World is one of our favorites and it was so fun releasing a highly themed set after many months of more mild gene themes.


Spotlight packages are also live in the Spotlight Event area of the Cash shop!

Custom Art Update

Lastly, we have a significant change regarding the Art Depot moving forward. As of today, we have made the decision to close custom orders in an effort to revamp this area of CE. Art is the heart beat of Celestial Equine, and with that means there needs to be a larger focus on site releases. With that being said, customs will not be closed forever. Recolor orders will remain open at this time while we get a handle on monthly site needs vs extra time available for custom works. However, gene/wearable/breed auctions will resume regular posting.

We understand this decision will not be well received by all players, but please know this choice was made to ensure CE as a whole continues to develop. Alliance genes will be just as jaw dropping (if not more amazing) and compliment our current CS/MS releases and we will be actively restructuring our custom format to ensure there are future opportunities to bring a fresh idea to life. Our main goal is to ensure all players can enjoy beautiful artwork and immersive game-play without feeling like custom art orders are the key to success.

Thank you for reading and happy gaming! 

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