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CelestialEquine: Alliances are live!


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Alliances are live!

Happy Sunday!

Today’s news post will cover our newly released Alliance feature! This feature has been in the works for some time and has been very highly anticipated by our players.

The Alliance feature is divided up into 4 landmarks on our Exploration map. Each alliance is home to a handful of CE worlds and follows the Celestial Equine Royal Family Lore! This is also a great time to pop on over and catch up on the CE background story. Here is a quick reference of which worlds are featured in each alliance:

Paravale - Kingdom, Love, Plains, Forest
Claleoroe - Volcano, Dragon, Shadow, Space,
Iazinata - Mythical, Angelic, Rainbow, Water, Tropical
Rujarim - Ruins, War, Tundra, Prehistoric, Desert

Players are able to lure and bond with wild horses in each alliance! This is a fun way to preview all of the available CE original breeds and potentially add Alliance exclusive genes to your breeding program.

At this point in time we are playing with the idea of making additional alliances to allow for more thematic wild herds. Please keep in mind this is the first edition of this feature and we have many plans for this area!

Players now have a 30% chance of finding horses with private, Cash Shop CE genes! Our goal for this area is to provide a fun collecting game that gives all players access to a taste of upgraded features. Players may use World Coins (told ya they would be useful!) to purchase additional turns in each alliance. Turns reset daily!

Additionally, we are allowing players to opt-in their own personal genes! Keep in mind this would make them available to all players - but feel free to send a message via discord if you’d like your own genes to be made available in a particular alliance.

That wraps up today’s news post - happy gaming!

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