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Emoticons and Blogging, and more, oh my!


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I have been a busy guy since we got 4.2 out the door. You will see many new things around here, but I figured I might as well cover them. For those just returning, you will find the notes regarding the update to 4.2 here:

So, here are some additional updates:

  • Many more emoticons!
    I have added a ton of new emoticons to the forums including a bunch of food and creature related emoticons. :melon::shrimp::horse::rabbit::mrgreen::scream:
  • As you will see, more then one usergroup can display.
    What this means that if you are more then just an artist, you can belong to more then one Core Member group and have it display, same rules apply though. The guides are being reworked and will be re-released shortly to update these programs.
  • Game Clubs now have a In Development switch, and Blogs!
    I went ahead and added blogs to the community here, so now Game Clubs can have their own blogs as well as forums for sharing information and news. For those of you who have personal blogs, our Blog system here can actually re-syndicate your blog feeds into your blogs here. I will have a guide up soon on the blogging feature if anyone expresses interest in a blog outside of Game Clubs.
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