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Wajas: Spooky Crafting and New Mutation Markings


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Happy October everyone! It is my favorite time of year, as I am sure it is for many of you, and I am excited to be announcing a couple things in the spirit of the season. All treats here I promise. First off we have the  Spooky, Scary, Crafting Time   minigame on the Admin Minigames forums. This will be an on-site, physical craft minigame that will run all through October. Get creative and share your work for a chance at some awesome prizes. Secondly I am excited to announce that some new marking mutations are now available including ones for Mouthtail for the very first time ever! The new mutation marking, Lacing, will be available soon, but is in the demo for the time being for you to play and plan designs with. The following Mutation Markings have been added: Mouth Tail: Fade, Dual, Ringtail, Stripes, Lacing, Points, Spots, Roan MM Tentacles: Lacing, Points Bird Wings and Tri Wings: Lacing Thank you Sparra for your work on these. Lastly, make sure you

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