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Wajas: Part 5: The Terrible Truth


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The hazy warmth of late summer seemed finally to be lessening its oppressive grip.   Or at the very least, Artemis found that this patch of shade she had selected under which to rest her tired limbs actually felt cooler than where the golden glow of the slowly setting sun still blanketed the land.   In this quiet place, where all she could see was nature—the grass, the trees, the glittering trickle of a shallow stream—she felt comfortable enough to let down her guard. She was weary, both in body and in mind.   The words Apollo had spoken to her after her last visit to the grove of the Pear Tree had fallen dull in her ears.   It was the visit to the laboratory that sparked the little ember that had been carrying her spirit over the last several days.   At least he had been right about that.   Seeing the progress the Mad Scientist had made had been reassuring…for a while.   The old man had even fired it up using the l

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