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Wajas: Part 6: The Time Has Come...


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The blinding flash had been seen from far and wide.   Hundreds of unfortunate travelers making their way home from various places were forced to stop in their tracks and blink and rub their eyes until the sunspots had cleared from their vision.   Then they took off running, countless hearts pounding in unison as they raced towards the source of the light.   All were astonished when they came close enough to the laboratory towers.   Expecting nothing but blackened rubble, some of the rising fears were temporarily eased as it became clear that the tower was still standing.   In fact, seemed entirely unharmed.   Then came the sound.     Artemis, Apollo, the Chosen, the Corps…the guardians of Lunaria and Solaria arrived on the scene just as the front doors of the laboratory burst open.   Three figures appeared as the strange noise redoubled in volume.   Two were staggering as though stunned, while the third pract

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