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Consoles: Gamerscore / Achievements / Trophies


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So Xbox 360 changed the Console world when it introduced Gamerscore/Achievements. Sony following shortly afterwards with their rubbish copy of it in the form of trophies.

Most conversations with my friends used to revolve around who had the most gamerscore or most platinum trophies etc - they used to be something to show off...

but since the latest console generation has come out, it seems nobody really cares about these values any more, at least they dont in my gaming/social group.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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I think it's because we're getting old. :P 

I don't have as much time to spend playing video games as I did when I was in highschool or even college. So those achievements are less shiny because of the sheer amount of time it can take to platinum a game. And I happen to like the rubbish trophies! But taco bell gave me a free PS4 so I might be biased... 

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As with any form of prestige, they lose their shine after a while.

Achievements, Gamerscore and Trophies are all this way. World of Warcraft actually suffers from this, which is why they continuously change around currency and achievements and such almost every expansion to keep things feeling new. If you don't keep these changing, they quickly lose their ability to excite players because they are really just one-off victories.

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