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Favorite season of the year?


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So we are entering spring, and it is starting to warm up where I happen to live (Southern California, United States), and this question is always an interesting one. What season is most attractive to you, and why. What about that season makes it the best for you? Is it memories, smells, the weather?

For me, I am a total winter guy, probably because it is when the weather is most temperate here, and it becomes comfortable. And rain, I love rain, which we don't get much of (except this last year which broke a many year long drought) outside of our winters. I also just in general love the holidays that fall around winter the most.

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Definitely depends on locations. I have family up in Southern Cal, but have never lived there. I lived in Northern Cal though. The temperature year round is pretty moderate, it's not as hot as Southern Cal (from what I've experienced), so I prefer the summers due to lack of rain. I love when California gets rain, don't get me wrong. Just in terms of personal I'd-rather-be-dry preference LOL.

I'm in Florida now, which manages to cram the worst of Southern Cal's summer and winter into one and put it on steroids. You get heat, scary flooding, and then there's the lightning. Also it's not Southern Cal dry heat, oh no. It's wet heat, which IMO is much worse lol. I much prefer winter in FL. The weather basically turns into Northern Cal in the summer or autumn, but with more hurricanes. 

I also lived in Colorado. Winter is my fav for CO because they get snow. Summer is okay too, but I just love snow. 

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Mine is definitely spring time. I love watching everything slowly growing and it just feels so refreshing and new. I guess I mainly like that feeling of renewal, like everything you did before no longer matters and you can learn again and grow again with a new start, just like the trees and flowers

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I tend to feel quite motivated and positive from March until late September, then I generally feel down and lethargic October - Feb.

My conclusion is that my body doesnt like Winter.

On a conscious level however, I must say that I think Autumn is the most beautiful Season.

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