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IcePets.com: Make Way for Port Rakor


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After all the chaos of the evacuation, Dyr checked out the newly reopened shops of Misty Isles. When visiting the Golden Touch, they couldn't believe their eyes. They knew this was the perfect space for the shop they'd always wanted to run. After much discussion with the shopkeeper, a demure Baby Traptur, a deal was struck. Dyr would now run Golden Touch, except it shall henceforth be known as Port Rakor. Some items have been updated to reflect the new direction Dyr wanted to take, and more will follow as they can get the work done, but Dyr hopes many Terrafrostians will visit his shop and get the same wonder of amazement he feels whenever he steps inside. These items sure are priceless.

If you are curious which items have been updated with a new look and name in Port Rakor, please check out the Icepets Change Log for a complete list.

Alphonse the Just Stamp Isabella the Courageous Stamp Jennings the Coward Stamp

Looking for something fun and old-fashioned? You'll want to pick up the Alphonse the Just Stamp, Isabella the Courageous Stamp, and the Jennings the Coward Stamp.

Old Glacia Stamp Old Halipar Jungle Stamp Old Misty Isles Stamp

Old Snowslide Mountains Stamp

And if you're a geography enthusiast, the Old Glacia Stamp, Old Halipar Jungles Stamp, Old Misty Isles Stamp, and the Old Snowslide Mountains Stamp may be more up your alley.

Abstract Stamp Surrealist Stamp Realism Stamp

Or are you more of an art enthusiast? Consider adding the Abstract Stamp, Surrealist Stamp, and the Realism Stamp to your galleries!

Preserved Companion Ice Cube Lost Seasonings Golden Freakshake

We've uncovered some fascinating old finds while cleaning up Misty Isle, too -- check out the Preserved Companion Ice Cube and the Lost Seasonings if you want some one-of-a-kind antiques. And if you want something super sweet and decadent, the Golden Freakshake may be just what you need!


If you've been worried about what our old friend, Baby Traptur, will do now -- no need! He is off visiting his family in the Snowslide Mountains, which was long overdue. There he will debate on what his new future endeavor may be. Figuring out a new business model, or perhaps working on a new look himself, the future is wide open for him now!

If you're having trouble viewing the new changes, try doing a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac

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