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Wajas: Part 2: A Hot Afternoon Meeting


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“It has a face, right here!”     “No it doesn’t!   Rocks don’t have faces.”   “This one does!   Look at it.   There’s the eyes, and the mouth, and the…”       “I’m hungry.   And it’s too hot out here.   What are we waiting for anyway?”       The midafternoon sun was bright and hot in the cloudless sky above Lunaria, a typical warm summer day.   The three pups gathered underneath the beating rays had certainly not given forethought to their meeting place, for there was little shade to be found in this immediate area.   What lush plantlife there had been years before had been charred away, and even today some places still faintly smoldered.   But the pups had given these smoky spots a wide berth, choosing instead a peculiarly shaped boulder by which to wait f

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