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We have upgraded to IPB 4.2

For those that have been following this thread:

You might have noticed that I have been working on making sure that we can go to the next revision of the forum software, this version includes a lot of new features that I feel will be major benefits for the board moving forward. I was able to upgrade and actually get things all working well in short order, and was able to actually get it all released today.

For those with Game List games!

The Game List will be going away over the next few days, I will be sending each of you who have a game in it, and ask you instead to create a Game Club again. A Game Club will allow a much more social center for your games, allowing us to grow and expand on our game listings and actually make them a much more active experience.

I found a bug!

If you have discovered something that isn't working, please let me know. I have attempted to go through the site as much as possible before I upgraded, but it does not mean I missed something. You can either post it here, or you can message me directly.

Let me know what you guys think!

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