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IcePets.com: The Misty Isles Needs Your Help!


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Misty Isles Volcano

Perhaps we should've taken Aila's concerns a bit more seriously. As the Misty Isles' volcano erupts for the first time in centuries, the whole region is a wreck, to put it lightly. Lava and ash are wrecking the homes and businesses below, and the residents are fearful of what's to come.

Pirate Xephyr Fairy Cobron

Pirate Pets have been using their ships to sail residents away from the island, while Fairy Pets have been entering the storm and rescuing those who've been trapped in the wreckage. But there's only so much the Misty Isles residents can do -- perhaps those in other parts of Terrafrost can lend a helping hand?

Enchanted Crystal Dagger Volcano Ice Cube Aila Plush

If you'd like to help out, consider joining the Misty Isles Evacuation project. Aila, the owner of the Battle Shop, has been leading this project and could certainly use any help you're willing to give!

Fairy Zabeu Figurine Scoping Out Stamp Gobloon

To help out with this project, you'll need to complete a series of tasks. You'll get a set number of tasks for each day, and the tasks will reset every day at midnight IcePets time. For every two tasks you complete, you'll receive a fun little reward! So not only will you be helping those in need, but you'll get something nice in return as a bonus.


With the help of local seismologists, Aila has determined that this chaos will end on September 2nd, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. But until then, the evacuation project will need the help of fellow Terrafrostians!

So, are you ready to do your part? Head over to the sign up page to receive some tasks from Aila!

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