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IcePets.com: The Pirate Xephyr Sails in With a Groovier Audril


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Groovy Audril

Even a Pet as vintage as the Groovy Audril needs freshening up every now and then. In other words, we've given the Groovy Audril, as well as its respective Morphing Potion, a totally groovy makeover! So if you own one of these spunky little Pets, you may notice they're looking more vibrant than ever.

Groovy Audril Morphing Potion

Do you need this super chill Audril in your life? You can purchase the Groovy Audril Morphing Potion at the Snow Jar Igloo. Or if you're having trouble snatching one up, we've also added it to the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month! It's just 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts), so overall, it's a pretty great steal.

Pirate Xephyr

Ready to sail the seas with a truly one-of-a-kind Pet? If you are, then you won't want to miss out on Terrafrost's newest addition -- the Pirate Xephyr! This lovable Xephyr is always itching for adventure. You may also want to polish up your sparring skills, because it enjoys a thrilling duel every now and then.

Pirate Xephyr Morphing Potion

Like all Pirate Morphing Potions, the Pirate Xephyr Morphing Potion can be found at the Token Booth. Or if you've been forgetting to pick up your hourly tokens lately, you can also find it at the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month. It's only 500 Ice Cash (450 for Gold Accounts.)

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