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Red Chalk Green Chalk Blue Chalk
Yellow Chalk White Chalk

If your artistic Pets have been itching for some fresh art supplies, today's a happy day for them. With these new colourful chalks, your Pets can make stunning artwork on sidewalks, chalkboards, and more! You can get them in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and White. Stop by the Toy Trunk to see if they're in stock!

Rainbow Chalk

In addition, we've revamped the Senor Awesome's Chalk and given it a brand new name -- the Rainbow Chalk! You will no longer find this unique Item in stores, however. Instead, you can obtain it by collecting all five colours of chalk and assembling them in a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Rainbow Chalk Ice Cube Rainbow Chalk Stamp

Are you more of a collector than an artist? Good news: the Rainbow Chalk can be frozen at the Ice Box! So if you've been trying to broaden your Ice Cube collection, you'll want to get your hands on this new addition. It's also available in Stamp form as the Rainbow Chalk Stamp, formerly the Senor Awesome Stamp. This Item can be found at the United Terrafrost Post Office as always.

Chalky Avatar

If you have the Chalky Avatar, you may notice it looks a little different. That's because we've given it a fresh new makeover! Rest assured that only the appearance has changed -- the method of obtaining this Avatar has stayed the same.

Chalk Profile Skin Header

We're also rolling out a new chalk-inspired default profile skin called Chalky to go along with it. Head over to your preferences to check it out!

Bottled Time Throwing Cards Wind Bomb

Ready for an action-packed weekend? Until July 31st, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the questing opportunities and rewards for the Weapons Quest will be doubled! Be sure to stock up on some weapons and armour while the opportunity lasts.

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