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Lythbound: A Virtuous Shrine and Freedom of the Body!


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The Shrine of Virtue


Our local Vives Sect Haenym, Leaff, has opened her shrine to the public! Donate your items for other travelers to collect! You are also free to take some for yourself if you need, but not too many per day! That being said, rumor tells that Leaff will reward especially charitable Lythians...

Body Type Asterisk Removal

Body Types are now completely free from asterisks! This means when making a new character design, you no longer need to additionally add a Scissors of Redesign to your character in order to make it a different body type! Do note however, you will still need to use the item in the event of redesigning a Lythian.

We also understand that previously, certain Symphony slots used body types as higher, pricier rarities. With that in mind, anyone with a +Bass slot will be compensated with 1 Scissors of Redesign item, while anyone with a +Bass/Tenor/Flat slot will be compensated with 2 Scissors of Redesign! (These will be sent out shortly.)

Clarification On Redesigns

We have added a couple new answers to the FAQ regarding Redesigning Lythians! You may find these answers under
"How do I remove Subspecies? What if I want to change from an Asterisk'd Subspecies to a Non-Asterisk'd Subspecies?" and
"How do I change or remove a Body Type?"

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