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Lythbound: FAQ, Athlima, and a Personal Note


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FAQ Additions

Several new questions and answers related to Lythian characters with multiple bodies and heads have been added to the FAQ as well as Symphonies' FAQ.

Athlima Reminder

Not much time is left to participate in Áthlima! The Season of Athlympians will be ending at July 31, 2022 23:59:59 site time! Be sure to get your prompts submitted and participate in all the realm has to offer until it disappears until next time!


Hello! This section of the news will be a little more personal than usual, and I, Jack, am writing this directly.

My fiance is being evicted from his apartment on August 22nd. We have been long distance for many years now, and given the spiking rent prices in the US, would like to take this opportunity for him to move to my location (Tennessee). To this end, we have started a fundraiser to help and acquire the money needed to establish housing once he gets here.


Thanks to the efforts of CakeBird and StardustMinka, I have placed some new limited time pets in the cash shop. These are accompanied by more information about our situation and our original PayPal fundraiser for further accountability. Money from these pets will go dually toward my and my fiance's attempts to acquire housing, as well as shared with SunglassesArlo to help with car repairs that have appeared during the course of setting up this fundraiser.
The pets we are offering are all marked as "custom," similarly to the Pride pets. So they will not show up as "missing" from your bestiary if not collected.


While they are limited and paid, I would like to stress that while all help is appreciated, you should always ensure that your own needs are met before assisting us. Thank you so much for reading this and spending your time playing Lythbound!

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