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Quote for Front End Layout


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Note: This is not immediate work. I'm just looking for quotes for this project right now. This is also not pet site work, but for a personal website.


Very simplistic layout. Ajax with in page loading, mobile friendly/dynamic. Horizontal text navigation at the top (fades with hover). RSS readers for a few pages. (RSS feed would ideally look like a photo gallery-esque style.) These would be resized to fit nicely and neatly on the page. (It would not stretch or squish anything to fit. Perhaps if it's too big, like a cropped thing could work? I guess it would depend on the RSS readers? I've never used them, so complete newb there.)

I would also like to have a separate "gallery"-esque page, where if you click on an image, an on-page popup (or some kind of extended information feature) would appear to give more info. I'm rather flexible with how that'd look.



Ideally: links and images would have a sort of clouded appearance until hovered over. (Darkened bits above are kind of to show that, haha.)

I also have a preference for comments in the code.

If more information is needed, just let me know :) Basically the idea is simple + clean.

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11 minutes ago, Digital said:

So, to help try and get more information, I guess my questions would be:

  • What type of feeds will you be using?
  • Is there a backend or will be all feed powered - i.e. will there be a backend to manage your gallery or is that a feed?

Deviantart, Youtube, Patreon for feeds.

The gallery would not be a feed. I shouldn't need anything backend for the gallery, I would think.

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