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IcePets.com: CH-CH-Changes


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Creative Code MonkeyDedicated Code MonkeyHappy Code Monkey

The latest portion of IcePets to receive a bit of a makeover is our forums! If you are a frequent visitor there you may have noticed some changes over the past few days. Some may be more obvious than others, but we hope all of the changes help make for a more welcoming forum community overall. To help navigate with the changes, here is a list of what was changed:

- The Debate section was removed and combined with Chit-Chat.
- Art & Literature was renamed to Creative Corner.
- Forum Games had an update to the description to note post count is off -- this means it will not increase your overall post count if you participate here.
- Introductions became Introductions & Farewells, and we noted farewells are removed after 48 hours in the description. We welcome members keeping others updated of their returns and planned breaks.
- General Discussion and Site Features were combined and renamed to IcePets Chat to help avoid confusion on where to post topics and to aid in preventing duplicate topics.
- Cosmetic changes to most icons and colouring of the forums

More changes will follow, which we'll update in the IcePets Change Log.

If you're having trouble viewing the new changes, try doing a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac.

Ice Cube Ice CubeMelting Ice CubeIce Cube Ice Cube Ice Cube

Has completing Snowman Quests repeatedly left you stuck at the Ice Box with long wait times? The IcePets team heard your frustation and made some changes to hopefully make this experience less stressful for our questers. The following items will no longer be requested:

- All freezable ducky Ice Cubes
- Gold Ice Cube
- Silver Ice Cube
- Bronze Ice Cube
- Birthday Cake Ice Cube
- Chefs Hat Ice Cube

Thank you for continuing to help support and make our community a great place!

Champion ShieldRestocking Shopping Plush

Have you been waiting to spend those Team Contest Points? Have you always been curious which items were released each year? Now with the updated Team Contest Store you can view items by each year, or all of them at once per section! This new method of shopping can also make it easier each year to see which new items you may want to add to your collections.

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