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What are your sources of inspiration?


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I probably mostly rely on books and movies. I take notes mostly towards how characters develop and how plots formed based on certain circumstances. Otherwise, I also watch a lot of artists and participate is various roleplays where you pretend to play another character and then you get together with other people and their characters and each of you work out a sort of story by posting a paragraph at time. I enjoy these a lot because I not only get to see and read how other people write and develop their characters, but sometimes stories take unexpected turns depending on whose turn it is to write. I used to do this with friends back in school as well. We all had characters we enjoyed drawing and creating smaller, personal stories for, and thus decided to dedicate a notebook to "what would happen if all our characters from our various worlds and ideas, all met" and off we went. We each would write a page and then give it to the next person the next day and just keep going.

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