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Lythbound: MYOs, Settings, and Nitpickies


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Loonole Ticket Adjustments

The results are in! With some adjustments mentioned in our previous news such as a new daily arcade cap, removal of the weekly free play limit, new daily forum cap -- and after the results of our latest poll -- we have officially decided to update how Loonole tickets work! MYO Ticket stock in Truffle’s Treasure Trove will now be unlimited! Going forward, Lythian tickets will be 1800 Loonoles, while Companion tickets will be 1000 Loonoles. Additionally, during certain times of the year when they’re stocked, Crossbreed Baby Tickets will be 1500 Loonoles.
This change may not be permanent; we will be monitoring these prices, and may either increase or decrease them as time goes on and we add more activities and games.

Strange Magic Rocks

New loot has dropped in the Gifting Gacha! Lesser Realm Fragments are the companion counterpart to the crystalline pieces known as Greater Realm fragments. They’re slightly less rare, but are still in the Epic pool!

Account Settings Overhaul

The Account Settings page has had a glow-up! In this settings page, you’ll find both familiar and new pages to adjust your experience as needed. This includes a new Social Media Links page, where you can now add up to 10 custom site links to your profile! However, you’ll need to re-enter all previous social media links to accommodate this new system. To additionally accommodate for making DeviantART have less of a mandatory presence, the User List now lists your Pronouns instead of your DeviantART handle, it also will no longer show up on your profile unless you use a custom site link slot. Validating your DeviantART is now purely for ease of species merges!

Offsite NPC Profiles

NPCs now have Toyhou.se Profiles, as well as links to them on their respective pages! You’re now free to tag NPCs in art you upload to Toyhou.se. We will occasionally log in on the official Lythbound Toyhou.se account to accept these tags!

New Nitpickies Sighted in Áthlima!

Within the realm of Áthlima, a new variant of Nitpickies have been discovered! It seems the Nitpickies that live here have evolved to be more athletic, and especially good at traversing long distances. This new body type is called Trekker, and will be freely available for people to create or redesign already existing Nitpickies into! Additionally, this means that Baby Nitpickies are now available to make with Áthlima Lythian Eggs! Guidelines for this body type can be found on the Nitpicki species guide.

Additionally, Arborea Eggs now allow for the creation of baby Kuniklovs, Naeyouk Eggs now allow for the creation of baby Nimblix, and Lost Eggs now allow for the creation of baby Natbaktera.


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